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Sahaja Meditation is a state, which can be experienced via different conditions at different times for different individuals. It is a state, that will, however, lead us to a sense of unity and connect us to what we can verify as an absolute condition of Truth via our energetic experience.

Each of us is uniquely individual, and each of us is a part of the collective whole. Facilitating our experience of this state, there are many facets to the “gemstone”. The state itself is beyond mental conception, and eventually, with time and experience becomes so “second nature,” that can be slipped into easily. The process of learning and experiencing, leading to that “second nature”, will be unique to each individual dependent on their curiosity and understanding of the experience along the way.

Here are some external links that you may find fruitful, and may provide further information that resonates with your desires. Just remember: ultimately the goal is beyond the scope of the mind, and lies in the experience of your True Self verifiable by your energetic awareness. Enjoy!
All the meditation classes on all locations are always free of charge.
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