Shooting the Breeze

Strolling to my car parked a good way down the road, I was aware of a parade of thoughts and feelings relating to scenarios both real and imagined. Somehow my attention was able to edit them all together like a playlist rising and falling in a rhythm that was so familiar that it felt comfortable and imperceptible.

It was not until a sudden gust of cool air “thwapped” my hands, neck and face, causing my attention to snap into the
moment, that I became aware of my travels to other times and worlds. The breeze lasted for several seconds and subsided. But that was enough to bring me to the present. It also got me interested in the experience of subtle energy we often feel in Sahaja Meditation, which we refer to as a “cool breeze” on the top of the head and on the palms of the hands.

Not everyone feels this immediately when they start meditating. But with time it may become more perceptible. The experience is related to the flow of kundalini energy up through the subtle system of channels and energy centers which runs from the sacrum at the base of the spine to the fontanale on the top of the head.

This is our inner connection to the Matrix of energy that surrounds us, in the world about us. So when this kundalini makes this journey within us, we realize our self-identity as a part of the identity of a more comprehensive Self that encompasses us. Each of us will experience this in a way unique to the condition of our own subtle system, but commonly it translates into a tactile experience of “cool vibrations or energy” along the central channel and on the extremities ( head, hands, feet) of this subtle system. Now this experience is not new to our times. It has be recorded throughout history as the ”Ruach” ( Breath of God/Spirit) in Hebrew/Aramaic, “Sibghatu Allah” (Baptism of Allah) in Islam, “Pneuma” (breath/spirit/soul) in ancient Greek. In fact the roots of the word Spirit, has been tied to meanings of breath and wind throughout various cultures. It has been represented as tongues of ( light/flame) above the heads of realized Saints and Holy Persons.

Getting back to my tactile experience of a breeze touching me as I walked engrossed in thought, I realized that a breeze can have many qualities and effects which can be seen as metaphors for the subtle movement of this “breeze of vibrations” within us. When our subtle system is overheated, (resulting from stress/ chakra(energy center)/ energy channel imbalances) this breeze of kundalini “cools” us down by flowing through the centers and channels to bring them into balance, integrating them with the matrix that surrounds us. This “breeze” comforts us in the same way. The heat can be likened to friction conflict) within our selves. The kundalini acts like a software that resets us to our default settings. We may have seen some animals such as deer, sniffing the air / breeze to extract “information (scent)/ intelligence from the environment. Our kundalini “breeze” connects us to the “main circuit”, ie the macrocosm where we are “plugged into’’ the flow of Collective Consciousness and Collective
Unconsciousness. Ultimately meditation brings us to a state of consciousness where we are free like the breeze. Unfettered by limitations of the mind. Free to move like the spirit.

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