Benefits of Meditation

We are complex beings who interact on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

A network of seven major energy centers (chakras) along pathways (nadis) spanning from the sacrum to the fontanelle on the top of the head, provides a system that is boundless in its potential to interact individually and collectively in the experience we call Life.

When this system is out of balance, we can experience a myriad of symptoms that can range from plain “feeling out of it,” to depression, inability to sleep, to very chronic, sometimes malignant conditions. These conditions may manifest individually and or collectively.

When we regularly give attention to the movement of this spiritual energy within us via meditation, the functions and processes within us, come into balance, and are integrated within the entire surrounding system.

Physically, we typically feel more energy, more at ease, and experience more calmness. The internal metabolism functions more smoothly, resulting in improvements to our respiration, heart rate, blood pressure, immune system and brain chemistry.

On the emotional level, this balance and integration that occurs at the various levels (frequencies) of energy within us, leads to an increasing tendency to experience feelings that are more peaceful, loving, and empathetic. These emotions or charges of energy, operate at a higher frequency of energy and as a consequence they resonate with others to evolve the feeling to a sympathetic state. Our feelings towards ourselves, and others become more benevolent and result in the experience of a more joy filled state of being.

Mentally we may find more focus, increased concentration and mental stamina. Our approach to problem solving most likely will take on a more relaxed, spontaneous characteristic, which relies less on “hard” thinking, and more on intuitive knowledge. Via meditation, we access a state referred to as thoughtless awareness, where we directly experience the flow of consciousness, without the constant pressure of reaction to events, or information. These reactions are the real source of our stress. We instead mentally experience a “plugged in” state of mind.

Spiritually, by using the process of managing our internal energy via the state of meditation, we begin to experience an ability to “tune” ourselves more effectively, glimpsing the vast inter-connectedness of all of Life’s manifestations. We gain more awareness, with a clearer understanding of the world, and our place within it.

With regular practice, the effects of Sahaja Meditation will continue to reveal and avail themselves to you. The approach is three- pronged, involving the energies of desire, action, and a surrender to truth. The final destination is a work in progress, but attractions along the way include the state of inner peace, the stability of balance and personal control, and the wealth of self-knowledge.

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